Adriana Grabias

An appreciation for foreign languages and a recognition of the need for qualified interpreters in Australia led Adrianato RMIT, where she studied Advanced Diploma of Interpreting. Adriana is a recipient of Dr Sedat Mulayim Award for Excellence in Interpreting Studies. She is committed to interpreting work as it presents an opportunity to connect with the Polish community in Melbourne and provide assistance to those facing language barriers. Adriana holds an MA in Culture of the Middle and Far East from Jagiellonian University and an MA in Foreign Trade from Economic University in Krakow, Poland. Currently, she is studying towards a CPA qualification. Adriana has around 7 years of corporate experience in various areas, including procurement, finance, accounting and taxation. Adriana’s interests include intercultural dialogue, foreign affairs, international development and renewable energy. When not absorbed by language studies, she enjoys visiting art galleries, hiking and practicing meditation.